About Pekky Media

About Pekky Media

...a welcome media staple.

At Pekky Media Concepts, we work to support and promote the media in pursuit of world-class standard, through branding, studio/room audiovisual conferencing, live broadcast/transmission, multimedia LED/projector screens, documentaries, television and radio jingles, advertorial, audiovisual trainings and operating international studio space.

Our Company is increasingly building an excellent and international reputation based on the quality of our work and our commitment to applying media skills to real world challenges. We invite you all to take advantage of the opportunities present at Pekky Media Concepts and make best use of the resources that we offer.

Our Legacy

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Pekky Media Concepts continues to turn even the smallest idea into a full Technicolor blockbuster.

We craft and execute digital storytelling initiatives that yield measurable and meaningful engagement with unique audience by consistently producing bottom line results sought by leading multinational corporations and media agencies in the design, development and delivery of key communication.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us


Our exceptional technical capacity in initiating seamless Multi-Media systems connectivity within and across organizations with the possibility of a real-time user engagement crucial to organizational output is second to none.


We leverage on our partnership and affiliation with leading OEM brands to provide digital and user-friendly video conferencing solutions that will enhance your engagement and solidify your brand.


PMC manages the broadcast operations needs for a number of customers, including delivering satellite and terrestrial transmission services. We are particularly familiar with the various transmission paths and related service providers that are available.

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